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Primary Information
Age 15
Birthday January 3rd
Status Alive
Gender Female (♀)
Height 5'2
Weight 156lbs
Race Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Creator SatoTheScientist101
Other attributes
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Accessories N/A
Hobbies/Interests Hanging out with friends, listening to music, collecting plush animals
Special Ability(ies) N/A
Equipment/Weaponry N/A
Relatives Unnamed Mother (Alive)/Unnamed Father (Unknown Status)
Friends/Allies Multiple People (Best Friends with Alex)
Enemies N/A
Pet(s) Snowy (Pet Panda)
Sexual Preference Bisexual
Relationship Status Single (Crushes on Matt)

Amanda is a young, black, teenager who is 15 years old.


Amanda has brown, curly hair, green eyes, and a golden necklace. For her casual clothing, she wears a light purple tank top, a gold glittery skirt, and some pink shoes with high heels.


Amanda is a very friendly person, but if she loses her necklace, her mood will suddenly change so that she's rude to others. The reason why her mood changes is because a spirit had once possessed her when she was staying the night at a friend's house when she was 8. Her mother took action to stop the spirit and gave her the necklace. Since then, she was always told to not take off her necklace. Because of this, she had killed a school bully when they took her necklace. Thanks to the evil spirit, she was able to clean up all of the evidence so she wouldn't get arrested. If her mood had changed and her necklace is back, she will not remember anything she has done while her necklace was off (meaning that she doesn't remember killing anyone). Her necklace is a good luck charm that prevents her other mood from coming out. Later, when she was 12, she found a baby panda wondering around her backyard when she was playing with a ball. Her mother let Amanda keep the panda as a pet and they decided to name the panda Snowy. When Amanda was born, her father didn't want to become a parent, so he abandoned Amanda and her mother. However, her mother didn't let depression hit her, and she kept raising Amanda. Ever since she was 9 she had started to collect stuffed animals (which was mostly from Build-A-Bear and other toy stores). As of now, she has about 463 animals in her collection.