Cassandra Pikrus
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Primary Information
Age 21
Birthday 9/17/1994
Status Alive
Gender Female (♀)
Height 5'6"
Weight 150 lbs
Race Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Creator AliceTheNeko
Other attributes
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Special Ability(ies) Energy manipulation

Energy absorption

Relatives None
Sexual Preference Unknown
Relationship Status Single

Cassandra "Cassie" Pikrus is one of the few human inhabitants of the Forest of the Benevolent, and also a user of Saiu-ken, a dark and powerful magic form.


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Cassie is calm, and controlled. She uses her magic only when needed, and is very compassionate towards other creatures. When she was younger, she was scared and afraid, with no memories at all. However as time went on she learned to give up on attempting to regain what might not exist, and create new memories for her to hold for the future. She is also willing to sacrifice herself for anyone close to her.


Cassie uses Saiu-ken, a magic form first developed by the powerful Tesaden, a dark wizard. However, Cassie rarely uses her magic abilities, as the more they are used, the greater control their dark capabilities will have on her, and will begin to corrupt her soul, much like what happened to Tesaden. However, Cassie has been able to strengthen her magic abilities, with little-to-no corruption. This may be due to her strong will, or just the lack of magic usage.


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