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Energy-Based Weaponry (more commonly referred to as "energy weapons") are high-tech devices that, as their name suggests, use energy as ammo or are comprised of 'solid' energy.


There are three main types of energy weapons: Shields, Blades, and Ranged.


Unlike conventional shields, energy shields are not as limited in terms of size, durability, weight, and function. They can come in any assortment of sizes ranging from small personal shields to larger vehicular shields. Though not technically a weapon, they are often used alongside weaponry and/or can be equipped onto a vehicle designed for combat (such as tanks or mechs). When using a personal shield of smaller size they CAN be used as an offensive weapon by bashing opponents or in some cases by using the edges of its shape in slashing/cutting.


If the power supply is depleted over time, overheats, is damaged, or deactivated the shield is immediately rendered useless. This weakness has been the cause for many modifications such as backup-batteries, improved coolant systems, and more efficient energy sources.

The strain from prolonged impact with the shield can also cause any number of the issues previously named.

The use of magic on a shield has varying effects depending on the type, making the use of a shield against opponents of arcane ability a gamble at best.


Energy blades are much like energy shields in the sense that they are usually handheld and lightweight. They differ in their shapes and uses however, as blades are weapons with no technicalities. Usually their lengths can vary between a knife to a two-handed sword and their hilts house the power source.


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Because of their complex construction, extensive cost, and status as high-tech weaponry it is often difficult to obtain energy weapons, though not entirely impossible. The following are methods of acquisition:


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Personal construction:

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Military affiliation:

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