Harumi Kanovina
Harumi Headshot
Primary Information
Age 17
Birthday 9/18/1998
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight Unknown
Race Japanese
Nationality Japanese
Creator AliceTheNeko
Other attributes
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Equipment/Weaponry Bionic stability suit
Friends/Allies Katashi Mokensi (best friend)
Sexual Preference Bisexual
Relationship Status Single

Harumi Kanovina, the eldest of three children and a self-described academic whiz, is the extremely shy half of her duo with best friend Katashi Mokensi. She also uses the Grade B bionic stability suit, produced by EXO Inc.


When hit by the shockwaves emitted by the destruction of her town's Enigma Core, Harumi was severely injured, receiving burns to parts of her arms and legs, and damaging several vital organs. After extreme surgery and operation done by the Lily Tiger Hospital staff, Harumi was given a small bracelet-shaped piece of technology, which when a small button on it is pressed, will encase Harumi's body in a suit designed to keep her alive, in the event her organs stop working.

Now, Harumi tries to live a normal life, along with dealing with the difficulties her body faces.

Weaponry and Equipment

Harumi uses the Grade B bionic stability suit, to help regulate various body functions, in the event that hers fail. However, though, it is not always active.