Important Rules
If the following rules have been broken, you will be punished.
  • Be nice to others.
  • Cussing is allowed, but racist words (such as the N-Word) are NOT tolerated. Also, please keep the cussing minimum.
  • Godmodding and OP objects/abilities are NOT allowed. (Note: This rule applies to admins as well.)
  • Do NOT edit other's pages. Please edit your own page.
  • Please do NOT roleplay as another's muse.
  • Do NOT take credit for another's muse.
  • Do NOT start a fight anywhere in the wiki at all.
  • Do NOT advertise anywhere in the wiki. This will cause you to get blocked.
  • Do NOT send hate/spam messages to anyone's message wall.
Chat Rules
  • Drama and real-life issues (such as suicide, family problems, etc.) are NOT main-chat topics. Please talk about this in PM.
  • Do NOT spam in the chat.
  • Do NOT cyberbully others in chat.
  • (Note: If a user is breaking this rule and is cyberbullying you/someone else, please take a screenshot and report to an admin. Proof is required to take action.)
Important Pages
Main Page - Rules